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SHOW AT UNION HALL! Brought to you by.... BLOGGERS!

Hi guys! How is everyone's summer going? Is everyone else spending every waking hour at the office like me? Haha somehow I doubt it. Or at least I hope you are all raging at the (almost defunct) pool parties, hitting the rock-rock-rockaway beaches and generally having a blast. If you haven't made plans to escape the city this weekend, have I got a show for you as I've teamed up with the always spicy Jinners and the always sleeveless Stark brothers to present a three-band rockfest this Friday at Union Hall. Flier below, let's drink some margaritas and get cray-zayyyy.

Much love and hoping for an excellent rest of summer - Nora (follow me on Twitter)

Unsolved Mysteries - Follin Yourself

High Highs - Phone Call

Teletextile - Heartquake

Seriously, you guys. Young The Giant!