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SPICY TIMES @ Union Hall.


Spicy Times, my side project of spiciness with the amazing Jinners, brings you specially curated music every month at Union Hall! This month we’ve got the 7” release party from Uninhabitable Mansions!


“Brooklyn future sensations Uninhabitable Mansions… members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Au Revoir Simone, UM shakes up a frothy combination: 1/3rd early Rough Trade, 1/3rd gauzy New Zealand pop, and 2/3rds classic ’90s indie rock. Wait, that’s too many thirds.” — WFMU

I saw this band at one of their first shows at Pianos, last year, (it may have actually been their first show come to think of it) and I thought they were REALLY great. I mean, you know this blog has had some serious CYHSY love, and Robbie was always my CYHSY fave because he would jump around and get super excited during their shows. Therefore, this band is a WIN.

Uninhabitable Mansions - We Misplaced A Cobra In The Uninhabitable Mansions (WFMU)


“…extremely catchy ’60s-ish guitar pop.” — Brooklyn Vegan

This will be the first time I've seen Spacecamp, but Jin assures me they are fab and I've really been digging their demos. I mean, it's a song about being high and a song about girls and bikes! What is better than that? NOTHING (except whiskey and kittens but maybe they have songs about those things also. find out tomorrow!)

Spacecamp - High


“A glockenspiel, accordion and ukulele later, Ciannella had the beginnings of a project called Vessels…Ciannella’s vocal, soft but controlled, slides around in a haunting alto…” —

Lovely tunes by six lovely ladies from Staten Island. not to be confused with the alternative four piece rock band from the UK of the same name (yikes, confusing sorta?). I love anything with a glockenspiel, it's a fact.

Vessels - Wednesday

See you Friday peoples!

TONIGHT on EVR and Tuesday @ Pianos!

Mahogany / Depreciation Guild / Blacklist and more - show this Saturday!