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SPICY TIMES at Union Hall this Saturday!

It's that time again, when the fantastic Jinners and I bring spicy goodness to Union Hall for a night of awesome bands and all kinds of fun! This time around we have an amazing line up of up and coming bands that you should def check out...


This is the kind of new wavey indie music that I personally go ga-ga for. So if you generally like what I like, you are totally going to love Jaguar Club. Also Jaguars are totally sexy as fuck, so that doesn't hurt either.

"The Jaguar Club is a Brooklyn band we're pretty excited about. They've got all the right 80's influences, and they put 'em all together in a way that's sparse and upbeat like Felt. The band not the material." -- The L Magazine

Jaguar Club - The Sirens

Jaguar Club - Who Says We're The Last


Spanish Prisoners are a band that I'm a horrible person for not writing about sooner. One of their songs, Los Angeles Guitar Dream, is pretty trippy with it's hazy grooves and I'm VERY excited to check them out live tomorrow night.

"Leo Maymind is at his finest when he’s sorrowful, but still feigning optimism as his musical alter ego Spanish Prisoners. The repetition of life delivers a strangling or two every once in a while, just turning whomever’s closest purple and red from the disconnection of air, but Maymind tries to find the little glimpses to be excited about in the mix of all the unpleasantries, when the backs are against the wall and everything’s shown in the pall of overcast skies." -- Daytrotter

Spanish Prisoners - Los Angeles Guitar Dream


We could not have been more thrilled to add brand-spankin new band ECHOecho to the bill as a last minute replacement, and I think this Brooklyn rock and roll quintet may be everyones favorite new local gem soon enough. I love Sean and Mary's charming dual vocals on their debut single, Cool Spring Day - and apparently these two were only born four minutes apart from each other so perhaps that explains why they seem so totally in sync.

ECHOecho - Cool Spring Day

And now all the important show deets for you:

Saturday, May 23rd
Union Hall
Park Slope, Brooklyn
$8 cover - 8pm door
Sponsored by Filter Magazine

Have a lovely (and hopefully spicy) weekend!

JEZEBEL MUSIC - Feature Show tonight - I'm djing!

PRETTY & NICE - UNION HALL TOMORROW! w/The Dig & Middle Distance Runner