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Northside Showcase Band Profile: AKUDAMA

ONE DAY, a guava made love to a banana, and an avocado was born. Upon the avocado's first attempt at rolling, it was squashed. With the cracking of its pit came the most magnificent sound, so fiercely exasperating that it caused the banana to kill the guava, make a boat out of it, and sail to America to start a rock band. That banana was Calvin Hunting Pia. While sailing the seven seas, Calvin the banana found his long-lost adopted brother Cayce, the avocado-reincarnate. In the midst of the Bermuda triangle, they came across a guava they could trust by the name of Blake Charleton. When the three made it to shore, they immediately started a veggie fruit-stand rock band called Acucumba, which sounds strikingly similar to "AKUDAMA", for whom this webpage so humbly exists.

Above is the bio that Akudama, the second band playing my Northside showcase, put up on their website. This band bio makes me 1. intrigued 2. crave guacamole like nothing else. But mostly the intriguing part. Ever since my friend Andrew of Tally Hall told me about - or more like raved about - this Brooklyn based band I've become more and more enamored with them and what I love is that they know how to keep it interesting.

Everything from the unusual band name that doesn't have a Bear, Wolf, Crystal or a Blood in sight to their eclectic musical stylings which combine influences from classical to motown vibes sold me on booking them - not to mention that they spent almost an entire year releasing a NEW ep every single month on their bandcamp page FOR FREE. How cool is that?

Check the tunes below and come check out Akudama at 9pm on Saturday - this is a veggie fruit-stand rock band that is going places.

Akudama - Love

Akudam - Emit

Northside Fest kicks off tonight! Excellent line-up at Crush Fest

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