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Northside Showcase Band Profile: Dream Diary

Story time! I have known the lead singer of my final Northside Band, Dream Diary, since he was 19 years old and I was just starting to go out and about in the Lower East Side music scene. Quiet and shy, endearingly sensitive, and incredibly talented, Jacob and I became fast friends after meeting at Arlene's Grocery - I snuck him into bars like Lit and introduced him to ordering vodka tonics instead of sex on the beaches, and his band at the time (Surefire) played my 23rd birthday party. Over the years we have kept in touch as we have both grown up inside and outside of the scene - him receiving great attention and accolades for his insane skills on the bass and playing in bands all over the Brooklyn area and my blog getting one or two more readers here and there.

All of this of course leads up to my finding out that Jacob is now fronting his own dreamy wonderful pop band called (appropriately) Dream Diary and my instantly needing to book them to round out my Northside Showcase. Their artfully layered music (fans of Pains of Being Pure at Heart, take note) embodies everything I have always found so lovely about Jacob that I almost can't imagine him making music that sounded like anything else and even the NY Times calls the band promising with "Smith-like" tendencies - high praise in my book. And now we are the end of our story, and the next chapter will unfold tomorrow night (Saturday), at Matchless...

Dream Diary - Bird In My Garden

Dream Diary play at 11pm. They will also play your prom. Get more info on Northside fest here.

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