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Northside Showcase Band Profile: Beloved Rogue

Here is the first of four posts about - you guessed it - my Northside showcase this Saturday. I'm super excited to have been included this year and urge you to get a badge and spend the weekend checking out all of the showcases that have been painstakingly put together.

The charming guys of the first band on my Northside Showcase and I go back - wayyyy back - to when they were the equally charming members of another Brooklyn-based favorite of mine known as The Walk-Up. Every now and then though, we all get a little older, a little wiser, a little better looking, and our directions and interests no doubt change (the lead singer of The Bravery used to front a ska band and have blonde dread locks, for a reference point here).

For The Walk-Up this shift involved scrapping their excellent gritty rock, turning everything inside out, and coming out on the other side embracing everything warm and fuzzy and gloriously shoegaze under the new moniker of Beloved Rogue.

And guess what - their music is still as wonderful as ever - maybe even better- and I want you all to know about it and feel the warm fuzzies. Their debut 3 track EP, Polaurora, can be downloaded for free on their website right now and they play at 8pm on Saturday.

Beloved Rogue - Daysleeping

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