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Northside Fest kicks off tonight! Excellent line-up at Crush Fest

What is more awesome than a festival WITHIN a festival? I don't even know. It's like 110 degrees in the shade today but that had better stop no one from getting their fest on tonight all over Williamsburg/Greenpoint. One of the highlights tonight has to be the sick line-up at Crush Fest - two rooms of music to melt your face off if it hasn't already melted from the crazy ass humidity.

The line-up also features several I Rock I Roll two-thumbs-way-up favorites including Dinosaur Feathers who worked Cake Shop into a frenzy last week and are going to BLOW UP SO SEE THEM NOWWWWW. And Fang Island who I raved about as my new summer jam + MillionYoung and Iran who are both excellent. Basically go to this show and go hard.

MillionYoung - Feel The Same

Fang Island - Life Coach

Iran - Buddy

Dinosaur Feathers - Family Waves

Get more Northside Info - INCLUDING deets for the FREE SHUTTLE BUS that is going to make your show hopping infinitely better (I hope).

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