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Some bands are "growers" (aka you fall in love with them... but only after really spending some serious quality time with their records). There's nothing wrong with this of course, and some of my favorite bands have only really attracted me after more than a single listen. There is, however, that amazing feeling when you put on a song and instantly find yourself drawn completely into it. When I click on an mp3 that I get I am always HOPING for this reaction although it's rare (also because it saves me a lot of time when I'm trying to review things and find something I want to post about!).

As a result, I was really really happy when I put on this track from Los Angeles shoegazers Seaspin. Vocalist Jennifer Goodridge drew me in immediately and all four minutes of this multi-layered pop song were a joy to listen to from a band I knew absolutely NOTHING about. Which is all very appropriate actually given the dictionary definition of Seaspin (taken from the band's bio.. clever!):

SEASPIN -- [seespin] - Noun - 1. The feeling of being lovesick. I am head over heels in a dizzying, but alluring state of seaspin.

Head over heels indeed!

They have a EP entitled Reverser due for release on the 19th of January and hopefully some NY tour dates soon.

Seaspin - Reverser

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