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The Big Pink (tonight you take a part of my life)

Last night, Samantha and I dragged our hungover tired selves (we went out the night before to an insane Esquire/EVR party where I got to sit in a room and listen to Ian McColloch, Andy Rourke and Peter Hook record songs together... srsly) to Bowery Ballroom to catch UK band The Big Pink's second NYC show ever. They were fantastic really, the lights and the energy of the packed crowd and singer Robbie's sexy vocals (he may be tiny but he can rock) combined to make for an electrifying performance.

Their slower songs may be a bit monotonous at times, but they do have limited material to choose from (playing almost all of their debut album A Brief History Of Love), and the more beat driven songs were definitely their strong suit. The predictably ended the set with Dominoes, and as the floor shook at Bowery and everyone sang along, it seemed pretty clear that this band will be sticking around for a while (I hope!).

They play MHOW tonight - I believe tickets are still on sale!

The Big Pink - Velvet

The Big Pink - Tonight


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