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ZaZa : music for under the covers

My sincerest apologies for the fact that it has taken me almost a year to write about this wonderful local band, Zaza, but you see... I was waiting for the proper time of year to share this one. The holidays are closing in, the time has shifted, the days are shorter and the weather is cooler (if not downright freezing just yet, you can sense that pending doom in the air). Some people view this as a magical time of year, where as I find it a perfectly good season to crawl under a down comforter and drink some tea and get CUDDLY AND EMO. haha... well something like that least.

And if I was going to pick one band right now to accompany me in these lazy winter weekend endeavors, it would be Zaza with their lush guitars and dreamy etheral goodness. This duo's EP, Cameo, is out right now on Kanine Records (home to their regular showmates and my NY Mag name drop, The Depreciation Guild) and they have a show here on the 28th at Pianos before going West Coast style for a string of dates in Los Angeles so please go check them out there also.

Zaza - Sooner Or Later

Zaza - Always On

SOONER OR LATER (dir. David Hartman)

ZAZA | MySpace Music Videos

Guest Djing on EVR this weekend = Moi.

Sherlock's Daughter