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Sherlock's Daughter

I'm about 95% sure that I met two of the members of Australian band Sherlock's Daughter during CMJ (at Surfer Blood show at the Suffolk is my best guess). They were entirely charming when we were introduced and handed me a copy of their EP.

When I removed the CD I found a metrocard behind the plastic, so I'm very sorry if you lost your metrocard, but so very happy that you gave me this lovely, well-crafted album to listen to. There is something very precious and child-like about their music, but also this joyous freedom to it - especially on "Song for Old People" which is really anything but.

Sherlock's Daughter are currently playing a residency at Pianos, the next date being tomorrow (11/19) at 8pm. I'm curious to see how the beautiful intricacies on their album translate to a live setting - something tells me it will either underwhelm me or blow my mind. Here's hoping for the latter.

Sherlock's Daughter - Song For Old People

Sherlock's Daughter - Reprise

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