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HOCKEY - not just a sport nora doesn't watch anymore, but a totally sweet band!

Lately it seems like my immediate mind association with the word "hockey" (along with lipstick and pitbulls i guess) is Sarah Palin, which, as I'm sure you are aware, is the worst epic fail thing i could be thinking about at any given moment. Lucky for me, and maybe you too, there is a completely awesome new band that will make your hockey related thoughts a happy place again.

First, the facts: Hockey are from Portland Oregon, there are four of them (as evidenced by the above photo, duh), and they have an album out now called "Mind Chaos" on no label whatsoever (you can buy on itunes).

Beyond the facts: they make super-duper fun dance tracks, with easy comparisons to LCD Soundsystem and a less awkward/spastic version of Boy Crisis. Their song "Too Fake" makes me do a little solo dance in my swivel chair at work (really. i'm doing it right now! wheeeeeeee). based on their myspace pics, their shows are a total party and the BEST PART OF ALL: they are coming to NYC for CMJ so they can be your new favorite band (and i mean... so that labels can fight over them probs)! YAY.

Verdict: I love it and would drink sparks to it.

Hockey - Too Fake

chairlift TONIGHT, rachael tomorrow

after the jump fest- canada style!