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Hey people. So I'm leaving tomorrow for Chicago, to visit my family and then LOLLAPALOOZA IT UP. Are you going? What do you really want to see? Radiohead? NIN? Rage Against the Machine? Tally Hall?

If you are going and visit this website, you can make your own schedule and sign up for SMS messages. Grant Park is big and it can be kind of confusing and it's going to be abut 98 degrees so you might have mild heat stroke, so make your life easier and make yourself a schedule. Be sure to fit in time to have some chicago style stuffed pizza, drink lots of water, and say hi to Nora.

Tally Hall play Sunday afternoon (just so you are aware).

See you in Chicago (go Cubbies!)


omg tally hall. lollapalooza. etc.

my new favorite band : YOUNG RIVAL