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roll up for... ampop

As we walked out of the Ampop show at Pianos a week and a half ago, I said to Sean and Rachael that the band reminded me of Aqualung, if Aqualung went on the Magical Mystery Tour. This is how this handsome looking three-piece from Iceland came off live at least during their set to a packed room for one of their first US shows.

Unfortunately to me their recordings oftentimes sound more like Aqualung on the "meh" tour (although one track, "Gets Me Down" is the only exception that I've found, and is very catchy).

Ampop really were fun live though especially all the trippy parts. Ah, I'm so good at describing things aren't I?

Ampop - Gets Me Down

Ampop - You Could Be Lovely

They also write a lot of stuff in their myspace blog in their own language so you can't make out much, except that they were featured on that stupid show "I'm From Rolling Stone" which is REALLY nothing to brag about. I think at least two seperate people have mentioned that show to me in the last few days, and all I have to say is that my interns last summer were 2835729385792375 times cooler. I wish those boys would update their blog...

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