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the hourly radio: a reason be glad you don't have deaf ears

For the past week I have been obsessed with the new album by The Hourly Radio that some lovely person from (I think) the Musebox sent to me a couple weeks ago. I first saw this Dallas band when they scored an opening spot at Bowery for stellastarr* (who are huge fans of theirs) and then later when they played a great month long residency at Annex.

The Hourly Radio have also played with Editors (yum), a huge I Rock I Roll favorite, and the bands are very well suited for each other (even though this band isn't actually british at all). Rolling Stone called them "shoegaze! and the disco!" but who even knows what the striking sounding male voices that I have heard recently. So pretty.

I highly recommend giving History Will Never Hold Me a listen, and you can buy a copy here.

The Hourly Radio - Crime Does Pay

The Hourly Radio Deaf Ears

and, OF COURSE, tune into the Blog Show today, because the Hourly Radio are one of our featured bands this week! oh, and we are now on myspace so you can totally be our virtual friends -- nothing is more fun than THAT.

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