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taken for a ride

Welcome to my Tally Hall fan site.

All I have to say is that Rachael and I had a fantastic trip upstate to see the band, who really blew away the entire town of Troy (no, seriously, the ENTIRE town was there even the mayor). They are already MTV darlings, have been played on the OC and are like the indie rock Click Five, except 100% better in my opinion.

They will be here July 30th. You have seen TV on the Radio like a thousand times but haven't seen Tally Hall once. So no excuses. See you at Sin-e. PS THERE WILL ALSO BE FREE SPARKS. YES YOU HEARD ME. FREE. SPARKS.

Tally Hall - Greener

If you are looking for some shows this week, here is what I recommend:
TUESDAY: The Diggs @ Mercury Lounge with Midlake, who play very pretty songs indeed.
WEDNESDAY: The Blend, Little Ones, Land of Talk and Figurines @ Mercury Lounge. I have never seen The Blend before, but their song "In Between Circuit" has been on frequent iTunes circulation for a while.

The Blend - In Between Circuit
OOPS sorry, this show is NEXT WEEK on the 28th. you should really go see The Blend and THEN go see LIAM AND ME at Bowery!

THURSDAY - Levy & The Big Sleep @ Sin-e (incase you haven't seen them yet, because I don't understand you if you haven't) AND/OR The Hourly Radio @ The Annex (I blogged about them when they opened for Stellastarr @ Bowery and they were quite good, I'm looking forward to seeing them in a smaller venue).

And finally, if anyone wants to send me the new Muse album, I would love you forever (I didn't write the entry below, Nicola did, incase there is any confusion on that point... and I didn't sell any Radiohead tickets either!).

when you tell your coworkers that you are obsessed with tally hall...

not that you asked for one, but here's a random entry...