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pb&j and more

what a crazy weekend. thanks to everyone who came out to rachael's awesome show on saturday night. we had so much fun, and personally i think it was one of my better DJ gigs and that really feels good. all of the bands were amazing, and i want to write a bit about each of them in the coming days.

for now though, after reading about the "secret" peter bjorn and john show last night, all i want to do is go and see this band tonight or tomorrow. anyone got a list spot or +1 or something for this girl? I promise a probably extremely enthusiastic and positive write up (at least if Beev's entry was any indication) the next day.

this song has been stuck in my head for days:

Peter Bjorn & John - Amsterdam

and while we are talking about songs I like right now, this is the only track so far from the new Bloc Party record that has done ANYTHING for me. i think it sounds best when played really loudly.

Bloc Party - I Still Remember

what is goin on people....

Willkommen Back...