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tinselfrenzy... one day away! get out your yarmuclaus...

So, our holiday show is tomorrow night at Rothko and I could not be more excited if I tried. Seriously, the bands are going to be great and the DJs will be even better. Last night I was at a party for the release of the movie The Family Stone (which was EXCELLENT might I add) and the DJ was so godawful that I really really do not understand people who gripe about Ultragrrrl and Karen Plus One's dj prowess at all! The guy was completely schizophrenic on the decks and actually tried to mix Kanye West with the theme song from Peanuts at one point... I shit you not. He could not pick a genre, he could not beat match, he couldn't even BLEND anything together. He did play Rick Springfield though, but I think he tried to mix that with Feliz Navidad (no... SERIOUSLY) so.. whatever. Tomorrow night will be way better.

To get you in the mood, here is a track from each of the bands that are playing. Enjoy!

Morning Theft - Always A Bridesmaid

Beat Radio - Mexico

The Changes - Not Too Serious (an older song, but I love how Darren sings it)

The Diggs - Trouble Everyday

Lakota - Quiet Like Graves

Also quickly, please don't forget to go and vote for the Plug Awards, which feature a TON of great indie bands and also give props to awesome blogs like Brooklyn Vegan who put mine to shame. In my opinion, at least one of the bands playing Rothko tomorrow should be a nominee next year, if not all of them! So please vote, and come to our show tomorrow.

everybody loves a glockenspiel!

THE next big thing: The Changes return to NYC