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i'm a myspace addict

hi kids. anyone want some hot new music and spend as much time on myspace as I do? seriously I think I may need an intervention... but check this out:

The Idle Hands, four kids from the midwest who sound reminiscent of Echo and the Bunnymen. Check out the first track, "Loaded."

And also... New Ghostland Observatory tracks!!! From their new album "Paparazzi Lightening" (almost as good of a title as "Delete Delete I Eat Meat"), which comes out in January and which HOPEFULLY means a return trip to NYC rocking the white on white ensemble.

Finally, check out The Fine Lines, four very young and very hot (and did I mention young?) boys from NYC who sound sort of like a more polished Strokes. They are playing at Fat Baby on the 20th.

And that's all she wrote.

billy and his surprises

like PBR? look no further: