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rob holmes looks just like buddy holly, but does that make pat mary tyler moore?

So as the new booking person at Fat Baby, it's my responsibility to bring the rock and what better way to do this than with four of my favorite new york boys, Morning Theft, playing as Weezer. Harmonicas included! Does it get better than that?

If they played El Scorcho I would be so so happy too (hint hint... yes I know it's not on the blue album but whatever)....

I just need to get a costume now. I'm good at somethings but costumes are not one of them. Anyone have any castoff ideas that I can use? I spent all weekend in Chicago relaxing and trying to convince Darren from The Changes that he needs to move back to New York because he may be one of the most entertaining people I have ever met. But seriously, happy birthday shoutouts to my Dad who recently discovered the internet and now buys stuff online like it's going out of style. I love you.


profanity equals intensity (that's what I learned from Stars)