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profanity equals intensity (that's what I learned from Stars)

Oops, a whole week went by and I wrote what... one blog entry? Sorry! It's not like I'm slacking off or anything, I went to see Death Cab for Cutie not once but twice and then partied last night with the boys of Group Sounds (who are as crazy and fun offstage as they are off). There was less nudity at this show than there was at Crash Mansion.. but not by much.

Group Sounds - Things Fall Apart

Their next show is at Snitch for a battle of the bands on October 24th.

This is the coolest thing:

The Police were my first favorite band. Before I had a stereo in my room I used to have my dad put their tape on the stereo in the living room. If I left my bedroom door wide open, I could lay in bed and hear it from downstairs before I fell asleep every night.

My head hurts. I blame Group Sounds. Instead of trying to write coherently anymore, just watch this video and have a fun weekend!



rob holmes looks just like buddy holly, but does that make pat mary tyler moore?

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