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aww look who went to the show

shockingly enough, they actually look clean and well groomed for once! whoa! except hey Dirt, you couldn't wait to get INSIDE the show to start boozing it up? Oh well... his name IS "Dirt" afterall.

Otherwise I was, as usual, unimpressed with the VMAs, except maybe for the end when Kelly Clarkson totally lost her fucking mind all over the stage. That was so very awesome. I guess kicking Gwen Stefani's ass will do that to you or something. Beats me. Unfortuantely it seemed like most of the audience aside from the peopleon the floor didn't even stick around to see Kelly go bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s), and the fact that I was even still tuned in at that point is kind of unbelieveable even to me. Otherwise, I really would like to never ever ever ever see or hear P Diddy ever again. EVER.

all the kids go out on mondays now

everybody likes a good shindig