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Wendys gives out free frosties all weekend. A fun chance for you and the whole family to find more random body parts! Awesome.

Spoon plays at Virgin Megastore Union Square today at 6pm. Rob Holmes will be the first in line.

Fun with slogans! (can you tell I'm bored today?)

Pitchfork wants to make Rivers cry. Bastards (but ok... the album really isn't deserving of the four stars Rob Sheffield gave it either). I'm personally of the opinion that no matter what they do, the Blue Album and Pinkerton will stand on their own as great albums. And Rivers, I'll give you a hug if you need one, but please play El Scorcho live. Thank you.

Diamond Nights are playing at Mercury Lounge tonight @ 11. Their single is some insanely catchy shit, a very dance around your bedroom singing to a hairbrush sort of tune. If you do that kind of thing, that is.

Diamond Nights - The Girls Attractive
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hometown heroes : check out the changes

this shit is bananas