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this is for Danielle

my most excellent friend Danielle and I were shopping for something I could wear to Jed's birthday party a few weeks ago and Kelly Clarkson's song "Since U Been Gone" came on the PA in the store. when this happened both of us came out of our dressing rooms to tell each other how much we LOVE the fucking song, even if it's kind of embarassing. is it just me or do I hear some Interpol in there?

anyways, I thought it was pretty funny and random, sort of like Hilary Duff drinking in the basement @ Lit (I'm sure that was water, not vodka...).

so, for Danielle, here is Ted Leo covering Kelly Clarkson, with some YYY's Maps thrown in for good measure(via best ever Stereogum). I think Ted needs to work on those high notes though, ouch. Simon would not be pleased.

My coworkers gave me cupcakes with hot pink frosting and a She-ra card. Excellent!

speaks for itself...

my 15 minutes