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erasing what was safe and sound

I got a package in the mail yesterday from this band from Miami called Modernage. First of all, I love getting stuff in the mail (except for bills and letters from NYU asking me to give them more money). Especially when I get packages from bands. I always listen to everything people send me, and it's especially good if it's stuff I can DJ.

Anyways, back to Modernage. I've been listening to their EP today and so far I really like it. The Stills, but darker, meets Interpol with a little Cure gloom. They hail from Miami, however, where I have never been and don't know much of anything about their music scene. But the band has toured with Elefant and opened for the Walkmen and stacks up pretty well amongst their contemporaries although I'm not sure if they're doing anything that new or exciting. Regardless, it's still good. Thanks for the mail!

Modernage - The Shore

Modernage - Four Eleven

(they sent me a ton of copies so if anyone would like one please let me know)

now you're talking!

where do you keep it?