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what exactly IS up with erik?

I'm sure by now most of you have noticed that annoyingly placed "blogger header" across the top of every page hosted by Every now and then I will pick up some random hits from other blogspot pages because really really bored people will use the "next blog" button to surf around. Lots of the blogs that somehow dump people on my site are in different languages and most are just very bizarre, but I always take a peek anyways just out of curiousity.

Today I got a hit from this gem, "What's Up With Erik?" Now I know a lot of Eriks, which is why I had to click the link because honestly I'd love to know what's up with more than a FEW of them (like why are you sporting a mullet and a beret Erik? why are you buying that weird artificial glow-log for your fire place Erik? what happened to the sleeves on ALL of your shirts Erik? etc. etc.). Erik is a communications major (hahaha..... oh wait) who attends a church called "First Fruits" (??), sports a wicked awesome t-shirt with a nintendo controller on it, and says things like:

"I really want to get a X-Box and I think the reason I want it so bad is because I have a lack of relationship with Jesus."

If you have any interest in keeping up with this video games vs. jesus debate he seems to have going on... Erik is your man.

lack of coffee = lack of clever title

i like smoosh