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i like smoosh

Drifting around the internet today at work, i noticed that Jasper has a nice variety of random band pictures on the main page of his website, including two shots of the band Smoosh. Smoosh are two girls from Seattle, and when I say girls I mean really.. there is an 11 year old on keyboards with a voice of a baby Tori Amos and a 9 year old on drums. Chloe and Asya are both blonde and petite and hardly rockstar at all even though they have already opened for bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Pearl Jam, and Jimmy Eat World. You can hear two Smoosh tunes which I believe are from their first album (!) here.

I saw them at CMJ when I was signing in bands and assumed that their father was the musician who was cool enough to bring his daughters along to New York for the ride.. how wrong was I! I'll admit that a lot of their songs are very rough around the edges, but there is certainly a lot of talent there so who knows where they will be at in five or ten years. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when one of my coworkers started blasting a Smoosh song. Random, but a good sign that their music is spreading.

My favorite thing about this band is that their website actually LOOKS like it was designed by a pre-teen (and it probably WAS), like the old angelfire/tripod days of webdesign. I mean... there's a link that says "try jones soda!" Cuuute. I can't listen to a song like "The Quack" without giggling, and the entire rest of the eclectic mix of tunes is great aswell.

Song: Smoosh - Massive Cure from their album She Like Electric

what exactly IS up with erik?

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