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why is there no furniture in this apartment?

I always thought Brandon Flowers of the Killers would be short in person. I've only seen him on stage and in videos/pictures so I figured.... short guy. Very cute, but short. But no, we were wrong, it's just that everyone else in the band (except maybe the drummer) is really REALLY tall. They dwarf him. Anyways, he makes eyeliner look lovely. I hope everyone who goes to their show tonight has a fantastic time.

Someone played "Cecelia" by Simon and Garfunkel last night. That was great. Some creepy guy in fatigues tried to get the phone number of every girl in the bar too, and asked for their "signs." He was an aquarius and apparently a douche bag also.

We are laying low the rest of the week, because getting home at the wee hours is something we need to be saving for NEXT week's madness. Oops... we almost forgot about The Sons of Sound @ Delancey on Thursday. Bye now.

come watch me cry like the 16 year old girl i once was

oh the things that wind up in my inbox