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tonight, tonight...

In addition to being featured in Rolling Stone (where the writer miscounts the number of guys in the band even though it's pretty clear in the picture...), The Bravery now have an "official fan site." There you go.

Surefire are headlining Tiswas, taking a break from recording with the guy who did The Stills album. They are on at 11:30. Big things are on the horizon for this band...

Bloc Party are playing for FREE @ the Tribeca Grand (oh fancy). Reports say that their show last night @ Knitting Factory was amazing and I believe this is their last east coast show (I'm probably wrong about this), but you should go anyways.

And the new Rilo Kiley album = excellent.

Have a great weekend!

how is it already oc-fucking-tober

politics + booze = awesome!