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relaxing with moose

Apparently the combination of free food, free alcohol, letting me dj, and a swimming pool is more than enough to lure me out of the city for the weekend. And ohhhh was it nice! So there was a little less on the rock and roll side of things this weekend, but a lot of much needed relaxation went on so that was good. And really anything to get away from the impending RNC mess is good enough for me.

Friday night was really all the rock and roll lifestyle a girl could handle anyways with Alex Chow celebrating his birth in style. Greg DJd a FANTASTIC set with a lot of electro-pop stuff in it that I loved. The Dark Room really is such a nice place to drink with friends, it never really felt too hot or too crowded or too anything... just nice and dark and comfortable all around. We met some really nice people (even if you are from Hoboken) and then Danielle and I made our way to the nearest diner for comfort foods before the sun came up... good times and I didn't go completely broke either.

Tomorrow night I encourage everyone to check out Audrey's party Atomique... it's the Bjork listening party and should be a lot of fun (even if they charge $6 for Sparks, at least it comes with a glass of ice so you can actually finish the whole can before it gets warm and naaaasty).

i got 99 vmas and the darkness have none

best invite ever