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random shit will make you happy...? apparently so!

Obviously the TiVO has been recording massive amounts of VH1 programming this week due to the show "I Love The 90s"(so far 97 is best evs). My roommate and I noticed that in the latter half of the 90s at least, people just became obsessed with weird, RANDOM shit. We decided that this was because there was just nothing major going on in the US (up until the Clinton scandal), so people decided to collect beanie babies and go see Titanic five thousand times for NO GOOD REASON.

Speaking of doing things for NO GOOD REASON, is there really, seriously, a high demand for a *new* Partridge family? Because LOOK, you can AUDITION FOR IT. If you get up early today:

New York City: July 20
10:00 AM
Industria Superstudio
775 Washington St.
New York, NY 10014
*NO camping out. Line will start at 6:00 AM.*

But first you have to decide if you are more of a Shirley, Laurie, Dannie or Keith. Ah, the question I struggle with on a daily basis...

vicious and then some

see how much fun you can have dancing to songs about dying alone!