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kill the power

Snowden is on their way back to NYC! First they play Vicious!, and then following that up with a show at one of my favorite bars in Williamsburg, Trash. If you're going to check them out at Rothko, make sure you get there early because they are first on the bill (8pm).

When that's over I'll be busting a move over to Lit to see Morning Theft, because well... you know why at this point. Sometimes it works out that all my favorite bands are put in one place and sometimes you just have to do a little work, but it's worth it! Morning Theft spent the weekend in the studio putting the final touches on what promises to be a great label release!

More on the miserably organized mess of music that was Siren Festival later, as well as my proclamatins of love for the Moving Units... I have an interview tomorrow and all my "business casual" attire (that would be about three things), needs to be laundered.

it's snowden day at irockiroll... or is it snowden week?

nap time for the rich and famous