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it's snowden day at irockiroll... or is it snowden week?

"I'm really looking forward to our show in Williamsburg. I hear it's like the coolest place on earth. Everyone is an artist & they all know each other. Everyone takes turns cooking dinner for each other one night of the week (sometimes it's a potluck style meal). Creativity oozes out of the gutters. Unicorns dance around the streets. Rainbows explode out the windows. Recording contracts litter the streets, awaiting your signature. Guitar strings are free. & most importantly, the free open bar lasts 24/7." - taken from Snowden's Gothamist interview.

Well um... if you want I can throw some "recording contracts" (no doubt printed on the back of my cell phone bill) out my apartment window and dress my cat up like a unicorn for the effect, and you really don't want to taste my cooking ... but I hope you guys like it here anyways and then you can stay forever and ever with your great music!

see how much fun you can have dancing to songs about dying alone!

kill the power