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party crashers

Radio 4 is fucking awesome, rad even. Nicole and I were standing up near the DJ booth at the wonderfully not-so-packed Spirit last night and I pointed at the crowd and said "LOOK! People are REALLY dancing. Not just a little head bobbing and fist pumping mind you, but full on dance floor madness. It was fucking great. And hey... does that guy in the band play THREE cowbells at once? Holy crap! Fever cured...

Big thanks to Craig (we love the hat) at Cityzen for getting us in for free (cuz we love charity too).

Oh... and was Chromeo serious? Because we hope not... but it was amusing no? Sorta?

Everyone ended up practically fleeing Spirit as soon as Radio 4 were done, but we felt bad and stuck around in the DJ booth with Belvy while about five people danced to the kickass songs he was playing. That kind of sucked. And the bouncers at Spirit are also not cool. And apparently they don't give drink tickets to their DJs. WTF Spirit? So we were the last people to leave and by the time the three of us got to Delancey everyone was gone from there too. Leave it to Lit to still be packed, however, and I got my instantaneous Franz Ferdinand and then free San Loco and I found out that the best way to get Nicole to cross a street is to point at the boys standing next to me and scream "THEY ARE IRISH!"

Works every time.

Tonight we are rocking out birthday style for the lovely Joana. Happy happy to ya girl.

I'll drink to that...

Dance like you mean it...