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geeky things

Allow me to get all geeked out on you for a second and talk about how much I loved the third Harry Potter movie that came out this weekend. Apparently a lot of people were freaked out about Alfonso Cuaron directing the third installment, mostly because of his previous work, the steamy Y tu mama tambien. Like Ron, Harry and Hermione were about to have some wild threesome before their defense of the dark arts class (see, I'm a geek)? There were def added sexual elements in this movie, but that happens in the books too so it's not anything surprising. And I think a lot of people also forget that Cuaron directed 1995's A Little Princess which is a beautifully done children's film so it's not like he hasn't done this sort of thing before.

Another thing... all the previews for this movie were for movie versions of children's books. I guess that's the new "thing" to do these days. Can I just say that it looks as though the Polar Express movie would be a LOT cooler if it wasn't done with crappy animation?

Other things discovered last night: Black and White is a lot of fun on Sunday nights (after the open mic thing is finally over and they make their drinks rediculously strong. Also, Nora should just have her cell phone taken away from her when a drink is given to her. One should immediately default the other. Text messaging is evil.

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