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"they're going to be massive"

That's what my British visitor has to say about The Bravery, who played to a sold out show for the last night of their residency. Woohoo! This band makes me deliriously happy, and the room last night attracted the attention of several scenesters so I would say that if they keep rocking the way that they have been The Bravery is going to be HUGE. I also spotted Chelsea Clinton at Arlene's last night... which I was really excited about for no good reason I guess (three vodka tonics perhaps have that effect?). She was looking very blond and Nicole liked her Marc Jacobs bag.

It's my new goal on nights that I go out to have a Franz Ferdinand song played every time I walk into a bar. Jason Consoli has this down pat, blasting "This Fire" the second I walked onto the dance floor. Belvy said that he would work on it (but he also said he would play FF for two hours straight if I stayed at Happy Endings and while that was really tempting... my head may have exploded first). We gave Brian the Brit a great tour de force of teh LES/East Village last night, stopping off to introduce him to The GoStation who were very excited to have a Brit in the house.

In other news, Carlos D gets ripped...

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