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saturday night fever

lately everyone i know has been getting sick except for me. and honestly, they all know that *I* am the one who should be sick instead of them. somehow I just pulled my luck card, and just in time for out of town guests. this kind of thing NEVER happens to me, so of course I'm commited to going out every night until Monday comes and I will probably no longer be able to function in any capacity.

but as long as I'm going to be out and debaucherous, I may as well make the most of it right? Tonight Audrey and Jen are DJing at Misshapes. Then tomorrow night is Motherfucker, where I will probably end up making out with Michael T again much to everyone's amusement. ESG is also playing, and that's pretty fucking cool. Then hopefully there will be some kind of Memorial Day BBQ shindig that we can come and pass out at after I eat hotdogs. I like hotdogs, even though the last one I ate was in New Jersey at 5am. That was just wrong wrong wrong.

oscar meyer weiner eater.

"they're going to be massive"