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the vegas

i just finished watching The OC. Ryan has baby mamma drama. hahaha. Maybe the baby can live in the Cohen's pool house because everyone lives in the pool house. I know we don't have a pool at our apartment, but maybe I should build a pool house in the backyard and some hot boy from Chino will just show up one day.

anyways.... otherwise my night was pretty tame. of course I finally got to see Morning Theft @ Pianos, which was some wonderful intensity -- they don't disappoint. Eyeliner has never looked so good, I'd have to say. After the show Jen and I ended up at an 11pm bar-b-que of all things, which was actually really low key and nice (Nora? Low key? I know... you're shocked again!). After a few Stellas though I was all too ready to come home and curl up with my Tivo and my new copy of Spin with Morrissey on the cover. He's rockin the pompadour, didn't you know? Maybe Chris really does know what he's doing...

I have so much shit to do tomorrow, but my itunes keeps me up. So what else...

Last night with some sugar free redbull and vodka I braved BLVD/Crashmansion (stupid name for a venue), and White Light Motorcade and The Madison Strays rocked my little world. It was Rich of the Strays birthday so after their set little miss broke-as-hell (that would be ME), bought shots for him and Belvy. And no, this isn't part of my attempt to become Mrs Belvy or anything (kidding about that, I swear!), I just like to buy shots for people! Carlos's birthday party was hardcore evidence of this fact about Nora (note ten jaeger shots lined up on the bar that I absolutely cannot afford in any way shape or form). Anyways, we ended up heading over to Niagara where someone kept smacking my ass every time I walked by so I was forced to hole up in the little DJ booth and drunkenly dance around in little circles as Belvy played ALL of my favorite songs. I love this guy, he's like Adrian Brody but hotter and with excellent musical taste (and a girlfriend, drat!).

Nicole sent me a text message from the car rental place out in LA saying that she was in line to rent her car behind the Stills drummer, who as far as I can tell after watching Subterranean a few weeks ago, no longer sports a white boy fro and is hotter than ever. Damn her! Oh well, I will be sweating it in the desert soon enough.

See you later...