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fiesta!!!!! some assembly required

This just in boys and girls! I am hosting the Cinco De Mayo party @ Pianos from 6-11 (after work for all of those who cannot wait for booze!). YOU HAVE TO COME.

But first you have to DJ for me! So if you know how to DJ, or think you know how, and have good taste in music (I'm open... someone suggested Menudo and I don't think I flinched... oh wait... I suggested it. Nevermind...) then please please please send me an email. Hopefully there will be some kind of tequila special (it may end up "Nora buys everyone tequila in large quantities" but what can you do?) and pinatas filled with sex toys and candy... and nachos! Lots of nachooooosssss!

Do you want to help? Do you want to hand out fliers and earn my undying love forever and ever????

Say yes! Say it fast! Say it now!
"i could be filled with drugs!"