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no one's ever looked so sexy walking away

well motherfuckit, i sent out a resume today. and it's for a job that i ACTUALLY REALLY WANT.

shocking, i know. let's cross some fingers for Nora ok, I've been doing so much work lately (and ok.. sleeping and drinking) and not getting paid a dime besides the piddley checks from the US Government. so cross your fingers that girly here finds employment (along with someone new and cute to make out with AHEM), a way to pay for all the expenses for Coachella, someone to cook for me (because if I order out one more time I'm going to explode)... yada yada yada.

shows this week on feeble budget:

The Madison Strays (on Friday I made Doug GoStation introduce me to Belvy after listening to part of his amazing DJ set, after I told Doug "I need to marry him!" and Doug replied "I don't know if he's looking for a wife, but I can introduce you..." No nuptuals worked out, but I still think Belvy rocks), White Light Motorcade (yaaaay), and The Flesh at CrashMansion/BLVD... wherever that is, I have to figure it out. That's on TUESDAY.

Morning Theft @ Pianos on Wednesday. Intensity has been promised, and I won't be disappointed now will I....

and that's it! Then I am packing for Coachella. Apparently the Motel 6 is equipped with a "no doubt lovely" swimming pool, so my suitcase will be filled with vodka and a bikini. sounds good right?