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kill me baby, one more time aka Britney goes emo

go here and watch the new Britney Spears vid for "Everytime."

It involves a lot of the following:

1. people throwing things and breaking them. i mean most of the video is just people TRASHING really expensive shit. this is cool.
2. britney running around in a brightly lit room. whatever. is this where you go when you die? a light box wearing a white button up dress shirt? hm...
3. lots of nudity. we at i rock i roll are in favor of hot people being naked as much as humanly possible. this is also cool.
4. britney decides that throwing things and breaking them makes her want to die and so she slits her... palm? at least that's what it looked like to me. and then she DROWNS! and then a boy (aka Steven Dorff?) comes to save her after he went and smashed her expensive hotel vase and knocked over a martini glass. but... he seems to sort of slam her head against the side of the tub. that's not very nice, asshole.
5. brit brit dies, babies are born. huh?
6. i think it would have been much better if Madonna had shown up and shot her or something. go knockout collabo, right?

basically this shit makes no sense, when did Britney get all emo. She needs to wear more eyeliner and get angrier. i want screamo britney. Scream at Justin for a bit if you have to. No more of this stupid oxycotinin BS, you hear me?

well watch the video anyways and tell me what you think... the people at MTV were confused by it, to say the least....