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did i use the J word?

I actually met this guy Chris at Lit one night. I was wearing my No PDA shirt. And he did look like Jesus. So check out these shows:

hey, all.

there are a few perks (very few) to booking bands. yeah... sometimes
you get to hang out backstage with the cool kids. and sometimes you get
in for free to see other concerts. and sometimes you get to smash
somebody's guitar with a cricket bat.

but then there's one that i just realized recently...

if you want to throw yourself a birthday party, you've got the skills
and the venues and access to do it right.

my birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year, and everybody tells me
i'm looking like jesus these days, so... i figured what the hell... i'll
book myself a birthday concert.

and then i said... no... let's not stop there. let's book a little
mini-festival. i'm just THAT much of an egomaniac.

so... announcing:


10 days of festivities, mostly involving rock and roll (but also
involving softball, poker, drinking and dining... those events not listed

here are the concerts:

Saturday, April 3 The Twilight Singers plus The Hold Steady at

Monday, April 5 The Posies / Palomar / The Oranges Band / Paul
Hiraga at Northsix.

Tuesday, April 6 The Thermals / Say Hi To Your Mom / Dirty On
Purpose at Northsix.

Wednesday, April 7 The Detachment Kit / We Ragazzi / Oxford Collapse
/ The 101 at Northsix.

Thursday, April 8 Sea Ray / The Mobius Band / Illumina / The
Honorary Title at Northsix.

Friday, April 9 The Long Winters / Falcon / Aveo at Northsix