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after the party it's the hotel lobby

holy tax return, batman! who wants to party with Nora this week?

Last night was insane, but a lot of fun. We started off the night at Southpaw, and walked in the door just as Surefire was launching into the first song of what would prove to be another amazing set. Nicole finally got to see the band for the first time, and afterwards she wanted to give him all hugs she has such a good time. There was some drama, some photobooth madness, and a split slice of pizza, but all in all it was a great time. And HOLY SHIT am I crushing on the delicious Brendan Benson. This just in... he wears 4 dollar cheetah print underwear from H&M. I think I'm in l-o-v-e.

After Southpaw it took us a year and a day to get back to the city, just in time to miss all of Let's Bolt! at Pianos, but my favorite barback was there, and we went with the rest of the staff over to Lotus on Clinton for some weird afterhours stuff with every bartender ever (and SOMEHOW, there was someone from INTERPOL there. I think he tried to go in the bathroom with us too...?). Finally we ended up at a hotel party with the band and sound people for Damian Rice, but we were both exhausted and so we ate pirate booty and called Borucki to wake him up.

Tonight I was going to go to Vicious. BUT I'm staying home. You're shocked, I know. This girl needs a nap.