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I think I logged a solid 5 hours of sleep from Friday-Sunday. But that didn't really matter, because I got to go to my first Misshapes, which was a ton of fun, and a small portion of my arm and head appear in one of the photos on the website. Can you find it? I'm just so popular...

Today I spent a good deal of time working on the new flier for Best Tuesday Ever, which happens (MARK YOUR CALENDARS) on April 13th. And I actually get to be one of the DJs (because someone backed out... shut up)! It's going to be so hottt, just wait.

But actually, if you can't wait, you can come see me DJ tonight at Pianos from 9:30-11. Hottness again!

I picked up the new TV on the Radio cd yesterday, as I am quite excited to see them play with Benzos @ Mercury Lounge next month. Mmmhmmm. AND tomorrow night is Rapture/BRMC, and since I managed to sell ALL my Stellastarr* tickets, I can actually get drunk @ the show and dance like a crazy person! Yipee!