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Good god. Words cannot express how much fun I had at my birthday bash @ Pianos on Tuesday. I had pink (PINK!!!!!!!!) cupcapes and got to DJ and drank TONS and had the company of many fabulous people (including Brian from, whom I constantly referred to as "Brian from I keep a diary dot com!" over and over again).

Surefire played an AMAZING set to a packed 21+ room, and they should be very very proud of themselves, and even dedicated a song to me, which had me blushing to no end.

Upstairs DJs Sweep The Leg, Brian Molloy (with the best facial expressions EVER), and super hottie Punk Ass Jason played amazing sets. Jason gave me a fantastic DVD with samples of all kinds of weird fucked up porn/monsters/wrestlers etc. which was projected on the big screen. And he played Franz Ferdinand which sent me into dancing joy.

Erik "Fossy" Foss was there, and even though we didn't get to make out, I was thrilled. And I hear Nicole even got him to eat a cupcake. Delish!

The night ended out with my own DJ set, which included tunes from The Bangles, Interpol, Jay Z/Beatles, Le Tigre, Audio Bullys, Stellastarr and even Robbie Williams - whose "Rock DJ" woke Danielle up from her slumber and had several people shaking their asses (speaking of which, I've seen these pictures of supposedly "weight gain" Robbie, and I duno but I REALLY don't see what everyone is talking about? I mean his HAIR looks different -- I love it -- but he still looks HOT to me!)

Considering how drunk I was, I only severly fucked up djing twice, so that was good. I hope everyone had fun, and if you have pictures, SEND THEM TO ME! Because right now I don't have any, and that is a crime!

xo - Nora