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sick body rock now...

I hate being sick, ok? And I used to hate being sick because I felt like crap and I probably had homework to do or something. But now I just hate being sick because I MISS EVERYTHING! Such as.... the apparent "secret" Strokes show at CBGB tonight (w/ Moby opening? random), or Sexy Magazines last night, or the Panty Party with Michael T tomorrow night. Someone just shoot me.

And at first I thought that my head was going to explode because of all the great music that I was surrounded by (such as THE VON BONDIES, who rocked my little world Wednesday evening), or perhaps the wonder that was IMA ROBOT and The Sounds, and their crazy after party where more boys than girls were wearing heavy eyeliner... YUM. And of course, I got to see Dutch Kills @ Lit on Monday, and they are playing at Southpaw on March 25th so PLEASE GO. It is WORTH IT.

Yo... my lean cuisine pizza just finished being nuked and there is some Dawson's Creek on the Tivo that needs to be watched.

So sick.... so very lame.