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meet me in the bathroom, that's what she said

1. ok, if i see ONE MORE PICTURE OF THAT TWO HEADED BABY I WILL FUCKING SCREAM!!!!!! ugh!! I'd rather see 3859273598275 more pictures of Janet Jackson's boob.

2. my roommate sent me thistoday. it's SO CUTE. Peanuts make me so happy. They are showing Bon Voyage Charlie Brown! on TV this week. I LOVE that one.

3. I'm getting drunk tonight. This isn't surprising, but it's still good.

4. People who fall in love every month are stupid. Because that's IMPOSSIBLE.

5. I can't go to Cherry Tavern anymore. Because people will come up to me and say "hey I know you... I made out with you.... I remember things about you." OMG, that is just weird weird weird.

6. I am going to see FRANZ FERDINAND. I AM SO EXCITED!??!?!?!?!?!