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isn't it romantic?

my valentine brought me my own personal bottle of jack daniels AND a box of entenmanns cookies. holy shit that's awesome. we're going to vegas to get married tomorrow.

ps: catch me at the day after party, the shins (or the sexy magazines, either way, HOT), AND motherfucker tomorrow. hooray for starting to drink at 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday. come out to celebrate Nicole's last day before she starts some crazy antibiotic regimin and can't drink for TWO FUCKING WEEKS?!?!!?!?!

pps: i disappeared for a whole hour Friday night and no one knows where I went. so maybe if you were at Lit, you could let me know? damn that's crazy.

ppps: 311's cover of "Love Song" makes my ears bleed, almost as bad as anything by Ill Nino. good lord.

pppps: i'm starting a One Woman Rock Show.

ppppps: ok so the guy in the Hilary Duff video is kind of cutes, but is also MY AGE. Hilary needs to step off and stop running around in the rain.