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So I think I've lost the ability to get drunk. And we also need to dub this vacation "Nora hooks up with the UK"... ok but seriously.

Oh, and I learned that my Shin is/was(?) apparently the boyfriend of the girl from American's Next Top Model. What is that all about? Needless to say, the Shins are very nice boys. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Other London happenings... I of course befriend a DJ so we were on a guest list for a party tonight, bypassed a line and got a lot of evil glares. Gotta love that. The music was a lot of northern soul which I find hard to shake my ass to, so we drank, and I didn't get drunk, and I met a guy who looked very much like a young Billy Corgan, circa 1990 or so. Lovely... until he got all emo on me. I think I have some kind of emo-dar going on. They are just drawn to me, even the British ones. I told him that Radiohead was probably my favorite band and his response? "Will you marry me?"