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sarah from RW/RR The Gauntlet has a website. Sometimes I really related to this girl, on certain levels, but other times while watching the show I couldn't help but wonder why the fuck someone like her would go on a TV show like this when she seems to loathe the exact type of people who ALWAYS are on those Bunim/Murray shows (ie: mostly overly competitive former frat/sorority types who are in dire need of more attention OR really good looking people who have serious problems). She didn't fit in, and then got upset about not fitting in. It's like... if I decided to go back to high school right now just to play a game of dodge ball and then eat lunch in the cafeteria for the fuck of it (or ok... a lot of money and a slice of public televised humiliation) and then complained the whole time about how much it sucked ass.

made no sense, but her website is an interesting read. Thanks Emily.